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Media planning

Mediaplus is an expert on the use of digital media.We assist and advise our clients on all questions surrounding digital media, as we are familiar with the particular legalities and know how creative and differentiated the manner of addressing your customers can be. In accordance with client requirements, our services run the gamut of modern digital communication, including behavioural advertising, performance marketing and social media. We ensure that your online channel mix is effective and works efficiently – and is always optimised for your overall marketing and media strategy. 

Digitalization is Current Trend. Today, digital media are used even by those advertisers who could not believe in such developments two-three years ago. Consumers do not buy and do not trust, if they cannot find an official website and/or a brand community on the Internet. Our mission is to assist our clients in competent and effective operating in the world of spontaneous and dynamic media, indicating such a phenomenal growth that it seems impossible to keep up with the changes and trends without being inside of the sphere permanently. A well-balanced strategy opens up tremendous opportunities for all marketing purposes.

New-generation digital approach gives the following opportunities:

  • to develop an integrated approach to promoting the brand, certain products/services, covering both online and offline consumers who play games, use cell phones, and other digital means of communication;
  • to integrate advertising technologies (social, mobile, web, CRM-systems, etc.) with sales and customer service;
  • to provide continuous and efficient two-way communication between the advertiser and the end consumer of a product/service;
  • to combine technology and human resources, maintaining the right the balance, based on the needs of the target audience and the properties of the product offered.

to be relevant to the market, evaluate and analyse promotional results, respond flexibly to the needs of the audience and adjust a product or service to them.

Your contact person

Aleksandr Semenov

Aleksandr Semenov
Director General

E-Mail: asemenov@mediaplus-russia.com