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Renaissance Credit CB (LLC) entrusted brand placing and servicing to Media Plus after the tender was won in 2015. The agency was instructed to hold multimedia campaigns by client’s products, each of which had individual marketing objectives and peculiarities. The product line comprised deposits, cash advance loans, credit cards and POS credits.

Unpredictability of timelines and prompt replacement of the rate complicated deposit operations, which is why the swift change of creative ideas was the right criterion when choosing advertising media: digital boards and supersites, LEDs, displays at business centers, fuel stations and Sapsan trains.

Activities with cash advance loans took two directions: federal campaigns with the utmost penetration in the regions of the bank’s presence and local campaigns by the cities of the bank branches’ presence using own address module in its region. Advertising campaigns used a wide choice of media: press, radio, transport, metro, monitors in supermarkets, Internet, leaflets on stands near house entrances/in elevators, monitors in subway crossings, city formats, stands in LPU, posters in appliance stores, etc.

We managed to seamlessly integrate the product into the program content together with My Planet TV channel as part of the credit card support. Charming and charismatic presenters Aleksander Pryanikov (“Global Market” program) and Artem Khvorostukhin (“Nespokoynoy Nochi” program) visually illustrated the usability of credit cards when travelling and highlighted their trendy design. Shootings were made in Paris and on Malta. The programs went on the air in spring 2016.

Point-wise placement in the local publications popular among the target audience was used during 2016 to support POS credits. The number of the regions covered by the campaign reached 66 for the placement period.

In addition to offline communications, all the bank’s products were supported by digital media solutions both on special-purpose bank resources and coverage portals and popular news websites


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