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ESTEL is a brand leader in the field of professional hair care products and has been a client of Mediaplus for many years. The client perceived Internet with caution and preferred to use clear and well-known off-line channels, for which reason he could not decide to launch a full-scale Internet campaign over the long term.

Mediaplus developed a detailed digital strategy considering all difficulties that had been faced by the brand by that time, namely: ageing of audience, increase in value of contact with the audience via off-line media, lack of target outreach, growth of number of non-TV-viewers and light TV-viewers, difficulties with operative communication within the broadest Russia-wide salon network, insufficient promotion of the most intensive brand activity at professional and fashion events. 

A successfully implemented campaign included a full range of relevant tools for identified tasks and considered a synergistic effect from offline-media.

Due to the intelligent choice of platforms and tools, and isolated audience planning, the rejuvenation of audience was achieved, the broad target coverage was organized, and the inflow of new audience was ensured.

Due to the optimization of existing tools, an overall CPT percentage of the off-line and online campaign decreased by 24%, which was a great success, considering a digital share in total media split.

Special content projects, active promotion in social media, and cooperation with popular bloggers created a huge wave of interest in ESTEL brand, its salons, academies and off-line activities.

The development of two mobile applications for professional audience of stylists and consumers of beauty salon services made it possible to establish a coordination within ESTEL professional community and facilitate the contact with final consumers of services.  



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