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In the beginning of working on project, there was a complicated economic situation in the market. With the fall in oil price, the construction and production activity decreased drastically, which negatively affected the sale rates of industry leader ChelPipe. Apart from the economic slowdown, there was a number of issues requiring intelligent solutions, such as negative media coverage and labor shortage.

The implementation of new standard of White metallurgy became a breakthrough solution made by ChelPipe, but, without the appropriate media support, the philosophy remained unclear for business community and even for fuel and energy industry.

Under these circumstances, the agency faced a number of challenging tasks:

- enhance the image of ChelPipe as a reliable partner for existing and future clients and suppliers;

- create the image of socially responsible company as one of the largest taxpayers in the Russian Federation;

- develop the image of ChelPipe as a serious employer;

- increase the awareness of White metallurgy benefits;

- increase the awareness of situation in oil and gas industry.

The Agency developed a strategic approach providing for a combination of direct advertising, core exhibitions and presentations intended for business partners within the framework of a single project. The tools were selected based on the best result to accomplish the identified goals and optimization in terms of cost indicators.

Under this project, we showed presentation materials of ChelPipe practically to every target visitor whenever convenient to him/her, in a convenient format and ensured a continuous presentation of information over a long period of time. As a result, we covered a complicated topic and presented ChelPipe as an industry leader, and ensured the information-based promotion in other CIS countries, and grabbed the attention of relating industries.

802,486 target unique users were invited to the project, and 23 million people were announced. Project analytical materials have been read 1,221,000 times. This breakthrough and notable project have gained acceptance of experts and core awards. 


Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant